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What are some signs of intelligence?

Intelligent people:

  1. Talk when necessary.
  2. Don’t argue with non-intelligent people.
  3. Avoid people who are toxic.
  4. Don’t waste time on social media.
  5. Are calm, quiet and relaxed most of the times.
  6. Love to read and learn.
  7. Don’t follow pop culture (unless their profession or business is involved in it).
  8. Know how to politely turn down an offer or invitation.
  9. Surround themselves with other intelligent people.
  10. Watch news, way more world news than local news.
  11. Have deep interests in certain fields.
  12. Are analytical, love charts and lists.
  13. Are very articulate when they talk.
  14. Can listen, not only talk.
  15. See the value of things not only their price.
  16. Don’t like to waste time.
  17. Always evolve, improve and try to get better.
  18. Tend to inspire other people.
  19. Look for solutions and don’t get stuck with looking at the problems.
  20. Observe, analyze, ask questions and try to understand something before jump to conclusions.
  21. Are well-spoken.